Trust Management

Trust Management

What is Trust Management?

Quite simply, this is a Combined Offshore Trust & Domestic Legal Entity.

It is a mechanism that ensures an even stronger system for wealth protection, with a combination of the limited liability enjoyed by domestic companies, and the protection and privacy of offshore trusts. Your business can be owned by a domestic limited company, which is then in turn owned by an offshore trust. The trust scenario involves the orchestration of trust assets through an onshore company formed by the offshore trustees, with your status as director guaranteed, along with the total control, bank accounts etc. that ensue from this. This is known as a Personal Management Company (PMC).

Personal Management Company (PMC)

  • A UK Limited Company or Offshore Limited Company which acts in a fiduciary capacity for a tax exempt offshore trust
  • Client is Shareholder
  • Client is Director
  • Client’s signature on all Bank Accounts
  • Can be used to manage any and all trust assets
  • Can be used to invest and trade in anything
  • Tax exemption on any profits and / or gains
  • Able to provide tax-free loans to the client
  • Shares can be passed on to beneficiaries upon death, with no liability to Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Why do we recommend this service?

  • Client retains personal control of trust assets
  • There is no corporation tax on profits or gains
  • Assets are protected against bankruptcy and divorce
  • Assets are protected against Professional Negligence

If you would like to speak to us about setting up an offshore trust with onshore or offshore control for yourself, simply call us on 0845 388 9002. We look forward to assisting you.