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Income Tax Planning

All UK residents who work for an income here in the UK are accountable to HMRC, or the taxman as they are more commonly known. The more you earn, the greater the proportion of your income that will be lost to the taxman through the payment of income tax. Whilst in some circles, the moral implications are clear and even acknowledged, inasmuch as those who are considered to be better off are duty or morally bound to assist those not so well off, many of our so-called high earners feel that they are being disproportionately penalised.

The fact of the matter is that higher earners often have much more demanding and stressful occupations, plus the fact that many will have gone through an extended, higher education program, (a university degree for example), that was both expensive, time consuming, and mentally demanding. Many of those with gross incomes of £75K per annum and above feel that they are being unfairly penalised through an income tax system set up to collect monies to fund the social welfare state; a welfare state that is, in many minds, too generous.

In essence, any UK resident earning an income here in the UK is legally bound to pay income tax at the rate appropriate to their income bracket. However, you may be interested to know that we specialise in creating offshore trust funds, that when set up to meet certain criteria, can earn money that is taxed at the basic income tax rate only, or that can be invested totally free of any income tax if ploughed into the right type of fund.

Offshore trusts are not tax avoidance schemes. They are merely structured in such a way as to take advantage of the legal parameters of any particular country’s tax structure.

Offshore trusts can provide a legitimate tax free source of income if set up correctly. As specialists in this particular area, we can help you, as a high earner, to protect as much of your income from the taxman as legally possible. All of our transactions are 100% transparent and within the bounds of UK income tax legislation.

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