Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Laing Rose Ltd is a UK based company specialising in bespoke trust administration. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standards of service to our clients and are strongly committed to keeping their personal data and affairs private. The following policy demonstrates how we adhere to EU law with respect to the processing of that data.

The Information we hold

We retain personal data provided on solicited contact requests and the fact find terms of business which all of our clients subscribe to. We might also retain data from postal or email correspondence we receive, and historical data of business transactions we have engaged in. The data is directly relevant to the fulfilment of our business relationships, and also enables us to comply with our legal obligations. This processing is permitted by law under GDPR Article 6(1)(b) “processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract”. The data we might hold in such cases may consist of:

  • Contact Information such as name, title, location address, telephone number/s and email address.
  • Financial information such as banking details, Invoices and Statements.
  • Copies of identity verification documentation such as passports, driving licences or utility bills.

All of the aforementioned data is collected only with the express permission of the data subject at the time of its production and must be confirmed in writing.

We do not collect any personal information relating to anyone’s race, ethnicity, political religious or philosophical beliefs, union memberships, health, or sexual orientation.

How long we hold the Information

We retain a subject’s data until such time as we receive a specific request to delete that data, it is no longer required, and there is no longer any legal obligation to continue to do so. If the data is not relevant to the function or obligation of our business, we will seek to delete it within a one-year period of it having become redundant. We can be required by the Companies Act 2006 (4)(b) to retain information supporting the delivery of a client’s accounts for up to six years.

Who we share data with

With their consent, a client’s data may be disclosed to third parties such as Identity checking agencies or trustees for the express purpose of providing our services to them. We require those third parties also only to use that information for its intended purpose of disclosure, and to delete it once that function has been fulfilled. We will under no circumstances sell such personal information or provide it to any other parties than those directly related to the conduct of our business undertakings.

We may also be required to provide personal data by court order, law enforcement agency or other select agencies with appropriate legal authority. This may be requested in such cases as to detect or prevent criminal activities, protect ourselves from fraud, or accommodate legal proceedings.

Securing your data

We are committed to keeping all personal data safe in line with Article 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation. The relevant data is stored centrally on secure server preventing access from and inappropriate use by any non-intended recipient. Only the minimum number of staff with an express functional requirement have access to such information. Any such access is monitored and recorded to enable us to respond appropriately to any breech of our security.

Requesting Access to data

You have the right to make the following requests with respect to the personal data we hold on you:

  • Request a copy of the data.
  • Request that inaccuracies be corrected.
  • Request its restriction or deletion.Any such requests must be made in writing using the contact details at the foot of this page. Before any such requests can be accepted, we must be confident that you have verified your identity.

Updating our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify and update this policy so as to continue to improve upon our service delivery. Such updates will come into effect as soon as the amendments are posted publicly on our website, and therefore made readily available. If requested to do so, we will also send copies of the policy as and when it is updated.

Our Contact Details

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Tel: 0845 388 9002
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